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iotamaps is a website run by, and for, radio amateurs with an interest in the Islands On The Air (IOTA) award scheme. The official Islands On The Air scheme is run by Islands On The Air (IOTA) Ltd in partnership with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) - the links page provides more information on the scheme.

This iotamaps site is independent from the IOTA scheme, but is intended to enhance the IOTA "experience" by providing graphical and mapping tools to enable users to relate IOTA activations sites to the world map. In this way, users will be able to see at a glance where an activation is taking place in the world; it is also to be hoped that they will develop a better understanding of the conditions under which IOTA activations take place.

A little history

The original idea for an IOTA mapping site was conceived in the early 2000's, but interest was not great, so no real development took place. In the meantime, one or two of the team developed an interest in the Summits On The Air (SOTA) award scheme for radio amateurs (which was itself originally modelled on the IOTA scheme) and, in 2011, started development of a mapping service for SOTA.

That service, the SOTA Mapping Project (SMP) at www.sotamaps.org, quickly expanded to fill the niche which had, until then, barely been covered. The SMP is now the one-stop mapping service for the SOTA scheme.

Sometime in the autumn of 2015 it was suggested that a sibling site dedicated to IOTA might also prove useful and, dare we say, popular. But it wasn't until January 2016 that the necessary ideas, and the will to do something, finally came together and the iotamaps.org domain was registered on January 4, 2016. Programming started a couple of days later, and the first iteration of the home page was published online on January 26, 2016.


The iotamaps site is very much a work in progress, and we will post regular news updates of progress in the development of the site, so those users interested in such things will be able to follow our "journey of discovery"...

Nov 30, 2017   Many updates made to the cluster, search and mapping options dialogs, and a new cluster list options dialog added.
Oct 25, 2017   New functionality added to the iotamaps cluster dialog, to enable a user's "wanted" groups (IOTA island groups which the user has not yet contacted) to be identified with a colored marker in the cluster list; also a sound-clip can be played when such groups appear in any new rows loaded into the list. This is only available to members of IOTA who have logged in to the IOTA website, and who have subsequently been redirected to the iotamaps site.
Sep 16, 2017   A lot of work has been done since January to implement the collaboration between iotamaps and the new IOTA website, which went live on this day, Saturday 16th September. Users of the new IOTA site will be redirected to the iotamaps site when they click on the IOTA site's "IOTA DX SPOTS" link, or click on the "Open map" button in the "Group Information" tab in the "IOTA GROUPS AND ISLANDS" section in the IOTA site.
Feb 8, 2017   Enabled startup of main mapping page with variables to facilitate loading of the page with specific continent, DXCC entity, or IOTA group.
Feb 7, 2017   Removed file-extensions from site-pages URLs
Jan 14, 2017   Entered into discussions with the IOTA IT group concerning possible collaboration between iotamaps and the new IOTA website which at that time was in the planning stages.
Oct 2, 2016   Improved performance of the countdown timer in the cluster dialog to be much less CPU-intensive.
Sep 27, 2016   Further improvement to the acquisition of data from the DX Cluster - data no longer limited only to those cluster spots with comments containing the IOTA group reference.
Sep 21, 2016   Fixed a bug in the donations popup.
Sep 20, 2016   Fixed a bug in the main mapping page which had resulted in too few islands being listed for certain island groups.
Sep 17, 2016   Introduced custom right-mouse zoom in the map.
Sep 14, 2016   Improved band-filtering choices in the cluster dialog.
Sep 12, 2016   Improved acquisition of data from the DX Cluster. Introduced data-refresh countdown timer in the cluster dialog.
Sep 3, 2016   Introduced highlighting of new rows in the cluster dialog to distinguish them from older rows. New rows appear at first highlighted, then fade to normal within ten seconds.
May 22, 2016   Implemented display of "nearby groups" when viewing a single island group. Nearby groups can also be toggled via the Layers map control.
May 16, 2016   Updated search window to properly load found island group and scroll chosen island into view.
May 15, 2016   Introduced a new section in the island Infobox popup which displays a fragment of text about the island from Wikipedia.
May 12, 2016   Improved island marker tooltips and Infobox popups; improved layout of the group islands list.
May 10, 2016   Introduced new Layers map control to allow the user to hide or show the island markers and/or island group boundaries in the map.
Apr 22, 2016   Corrected an error in the drill-down from Continent=>DXCC=>Groups dropdowns. Many thanks to Loren WA3WZR for pointing this out to us!
Mar 22, 2016   Completed first working versions of the contact, links and FAQ pages.
Mar 5, 2016   Completed first working version of the main menu.
Jan 26, 2016   First iteration of the site published online
Jan 4, 2016   Registered the iotamaps.org domain name

Iotamaps Cookies Policy

The iotamaps site uses cookies to store user-settings that users make themselves while using the main mapping page. This site does not, and will never, store or use cookies for third-party sites to track user's preferences or browsing history.

By using the services offered by this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

Examples of user-settings stored in our cookies include:

  • whether to display group borders and/or nearby group borders on the map;
  • a hashed ID used to retrieve the user's "wanted" groups from the IOTA system;
  • those made by the user in the "Mapping page options" or "Cluster dialog options" dialogs.

If you are concerned about the use of cookies in general, or third-party cookies in particular, it is possible to disable them in your browser: you can find more information at e.g. Cookies and You to discover how. Just be aware that, if you do disable ALL cookies, many websites - including this one - will no longer be able to function as intended.

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